How to simply Create a Mobile App with WordPress

Have you ever needed to Create a Mobile App with WordPress? Beyond 23% of the Internet uses WordPress, and most of those folks want a mobile app.

It makes an optimal sense to use content from WordPress in the app, therefore, when the website is updated, the app is also updated. Most of the app builders use a third party content management system where user can create your app content. There are some options available to get WordPress into a mobile app that can fit any project.

3 ways to create mobile app using wordpress:-

App Builders :

App Builders allow us to make a mobile app with no coding, and very little technical expertise.

App Builder may work great if you do not want to spend a lot of money, and you do not need anything really custom. There are many variety of app builders, including Mobile Roadie, Shoutem, Good Barber, Reactor, Telerik AppBuilder. Each one has a different degree of WordPress support, almost all allow you to integrate posts and comments, but not much else.

A Custom Hybrid App :

Firstly create a custom hybrid app via technology like the WP-API and Ionic Framework.
The WP-API is a new feature that has been proposed for WordPress core. It is a JSON REST API for WordPress, which means it makes much of your content easy to use in external applications, such as a mobile app.

As we seen at above, you can not get WordPress plugins and other custom functionality into a mobile app easily.
AppPresser is available a free plugin that provides the solution for this problem by loading your entire WordPress site in the app.Means we may use almost all Plugins of WordPress in the application without any issue

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