WordPress Security Plugins 2017

The Best WordPress Security Plugins of 2017 to Keep Site Secure
Websites are part of real estate in the Internet and like any valuable property, you want to ensure that it’s safe from thieves.So there are a lot of services that provide the protection of sites, including those built with WordPress.
Itself WordPress is built with a solid and secure framework, but this doesn’t build it immune to hackers. Weak passwords are just one of many factors that lead to a website to be hacked.
1. All In One WP Security & Firewall
All In One WP Security & Firewall plugin is a user-friendly interface for users who are not familiar with advanced security settings. Its features having a password strength tool to help you create stronger passwords and as well as a login lockdown feature which blocks an IP address from continuously making failed login attempts, which is known as a Brute Force Attack.

2. iThemes Security
Formerly Better WP Security, This security WordPress plugin is built by iThemes which provides themes and other plugins for WordPress. The plugin is very useful for beginners and advanced users alike. There is a one-click installation for the user and options to configure more advanced settings from the dashboard.

3. Wordfence Security
This plugin for security has over 1 million installs to date and provides free protection from malware and hacks. In addition to the usual features of two-step authentication, stopping brute force attacks and user security strengthening, it also provides scanning features to check if the site is already infected.
4. Sucuri Security
Sucuri is primarily a monitoring tool for certain changes and activities.that may harm your WordPress site. Since it needs a lot of understanding and familiarity with codes and file systems within WordPress. this plugin is meant for developers and admins who are experts in analyzing this information.
5. WP Antivirus Site Protection
This security plugin for WordPress provides deep scans of all website files to secure WordPress. It displays backdoors, rootkits, trojan horses, worms, fraud tools, adware, spyware, hidden links, and takes require actions to delete them. The virus database updates daily and any threats identified on your site will display in the WordPress admin area and may also be sent to you by email. Data is scanned using the Siteguarding.com API.

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