How to Bookmark the Login Page

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There are many ways to make it easier to access login pages. You can customize the number of attempts you can make to log in. You can also change the username and password, and customize the URL of the login page. Below are some methods to bookmark the URL of the WordPress login page. You can bookmark the URL of the WordPress login page in Firefox and Microsoft Edge.

Changing the number of allowed login attempts

WordPress users can limit the number of login attempts by adding a user to the Whitelist or the Blacklist. Whitelist users will never be locked out for too many login attempts, while blacklisted users will be locked out forever. Blacklist users can be added for security purposes, such as if they have a known bad account. It is important to save your changes before continuing.

To change the maximum number of allowed login attempts, first choose an appropriate value. Generally, three is a reasonable value. However, some people may disagree with this number. Generally, it is not wise to allow unlimited login attempts, as this can have negative consequences. However, three is a safe bet, as it does not carry a lot of administrative overhead.

After changing the default number, you need to choose a login URL for your website. This URL should be memorable and bookmarkable. If you don’t want your users to use this login URL on a regular basis, you can write 404 in the Redirection URL field. This will direct visitors to a 404 error page. Make sure that you test this new login URL before limiting the number of login attempts.

Creating a shortcut to the admin page

The WordPress admin panel has a built-in sidebar navigation menu, which you can use to navigate to the various sections and admin pages. If the admin page menu gets cluttered, or you don’t want to navigate through each section, a shortcut is a good idea. You can add additional menu items by installing plugins that allow you to customize the admin page further.

Changing the URL of the login page

You can improve the security of your WordPress blog by changing the URL of the login page. Changing the URL of your login page can help prevent some common WordPress errors. Changing the URL of your login page will also prevent unauthorized bots from entering your site. Google reCaptcha will also help you prevent automated login attempts.

To change the URL of your login page, you can install a plugin. The best plugin for changing the WordPress login URL is SeedProd. This plugin has many great features and a 4.7 rating. After installing the plugin, follow the steps to change your login URL.

If you are experiencing an error while trying to log in to your WordPress website, you should first enable cookies. If this doesn’t solve the problem, you can try clearing your browser’s cache. Alternatively, you can change the URL of your WordPress login page in ManageWP.

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